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What Are Work At Home Jobs?

Work At Home Jobs are any jobs or employment that can be completed wholly or partially from a residence or place of living. These types of jobs are offered mostly to individuals that are unable to work in a traditional office or work environment due to some of the following reasons:

  • Distance to work
  • Availability of childcare
  • Part-time nature of the work
  • Lack of office or workspace
  • Green promotions extended by the company

Work At Home Jobs are highly sought after from individuals that require a work at home arrangement to be able to produce income for themselves. Others seek work at home jobs so that they can have freedom from a normal workday and typical office arrangement that would require their presence during normal workdays.

Work At Home Scams

With many people searching for Work At Home Jobs, there are also many scams that target these individuals. Work at home scams are usually set up to lure potential employees into giving their information or money to an organization that promises employment or valuable information. Work at home job scams range from paid training scams to fake job opportunities mean to scrape information. Popular scams include:

  • Process rebates online
  • Google work at home
  • Home envelope stuffing
  • Home assembling
  • Business directory submissions
  • Wiring money
  • Cashing checks
  • Direct Selling
  • MLM (Multi Level Marketing)
  • Pyramid schemes
  • Online surveys
  • Mystery shopping
  • Data entry
  • Medical billing

Like any legitimate job some of these scams started because there was a legitimate work at home job opportunity that existed and became popular. Scams then usually copy the legitimate jobs and offer them for money or some of valuable information from the job seekers.

Work at Home Job

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Work At Home job Opportunities

Work at home job opportunities can be found through different mediums online. Some of the more popular work at home job resources can be found through the following channels:

Work At Home Job Boards

Websites such as Virtual Vocations and Flexjobs have paid subscription models to offer work at home job opportunities to job seekers. Although charging for access to jobs is often done by companies that are producing scams, most reputable sites will have some sort of fee in order to remove potential scams that could be shown by advertisers.

Work At Home Companies

Many companies offer work at home job arrangements to their employees for some of the reasons that were listed in the first paragraph. These companies may have limited office space or are trying to foster good will with employees with flexible arrangements. According to Forbes the top 10 companies offering work at home jobs are:

  • Xerox
  • UnitedHealth Group
  • Dell
  • Aetna
  • American Express
  • First Data
  • Humana
  • Westat
  • K12
  • ADP
Work At Home Job

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Self Employed Work At Home Jobs

Self employed work at home job opportunities are a good fit for individuals who are seeking employment and freedom from a boss. These opportunities are usually found through rigorous search and hours of bidding for projects. The potential to make higher income is greater with self employed work at home jobs, but the risk of not making any money is also higher. Sources for work at home jobs include Freelancer and Elance which offer small to large projects for work at home applicants.